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The Apereo Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing open source software projects in the field of education. It provides a collaborative framework for various institutions, organizations, and individuals to develop and sustain open source software solutions for higher education and beyond. Here's how Apereo enables and supports open source software projects:


Incubation and Governance

Apereo serves as an incubator for new open source projects in the education sector. It helps establish and govern these projects, providing a structured framework for their development and management. Apereo projects benefit from the foundation's governance model, which ensures transparency, community involvement, and sustainable growth.

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Community Building

Apereo fosters a strong sense of community around its projects. This involves engaging with stakeholders, such as educational institutions, developers, and users, to create an active and collaborative environment. Community members share their expertise, contribute to development, and support each other in the use of Apereo software.

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Financial and Legal Support

Apereo offers legal and financial support to its projects. This includes assistance with licensing, intellectual property management, and financial resources to help sustain the development and maintenance of open source software. By providing these services, Apereo ensures that projects adhere to open source principles while mitigating legal and financial barriers.

Infrastructure and Resources

Apereo provides essential infrastructure and resources to host and distribute the open source software projects it supports. This includes hosting code repositories, issue tracking, mailing lists, and websites. By offering these resources, Apereo helps projects maintain a strong online presence and effectively collaborate with contributors and users.

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Marketing and Outreach

Apereo helps projects with marketing and outreach efforts to increase their visibility within the education community. This includes promoting projects at conferences, workshops, and through online channels, as well as providing guidance on communication strategies to reach a wider audience.

Collaboration and Interoperability

Apereo encourages its projects to work together and fosters interoperability between them. This collaborative approach helps ensure that Apereo software solutions can work seamlessly with one another, creating a more integrated and comprehensive ecosystem.

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Training and Documentation

Apereo supports the creation of training materials and documentation to assist users, administrators, and developers in understanding and effectively using the open source software. This is crucial for the adoption and success of these solutions in educational institutions.

Sustainability and Long-term Support

Apereo helps projects develop sustainable models for continued growth and maintenance. This includes strategies for fundraising, community engagement, and long-term support to ensure that projects remain viable and useful over time.


Overall, the Apereo Foundation plays a vital role in enabling and supporting open source software projects in the education sector by providing a framework for collaboration, governance, resources, and community building. This approach fosters the development of high-quality software solutions that benefit educational institutions and users while upholding the principles of open source software.