Our Community

The Apereo Foundation is a network of peers organized into constituent communities, including individuals, academic and research institutions, non-profit organizations, government entities, volunteer groups, and corporations.

Our international advocacy and constituency focus primarily on two areas of practice: 

  1. The development and sustainability of open source software projects (Software Communities).

  2. Areas of common interest impacting open source software, educational/instructional technologies, and communities of practice (Communities of Interest).

Apereo’s self-governing communities consist of global advocates collaborating in the co-creation and adoption of open source software, standards, practices, and content, enjoying a variety of benefits through association, including:

  • Fiscal sponsorship 
  • Business administration
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Community development
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Legal services

Apereo’s strong collaborative communities provide many times the value of any single contributor–individual or institution–delivering innovation, an increased pace of development, and lower costs.

Learn more about–and how to join– Apereo’s Constituent Communities: